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An Escape from the Jaws of Death

Am I going to die of this disease? Am I going to have medical support to survive? If so, would a poor machinist like me be able to afford medical treatment? What would happen to my family if I perish? Several immediate questions popped up into my head when I discovered that I was a victim of hepatitis C, a deadly disease. Certainly, the news sounded nerve-wrecking to me!

Most unfortunately, I had to go through all those apprehensions approximately 6 months ago when I was diagnosed with the fatal hepatitis C disease. The revelation filled my life with absolute darkness. Thoughts of unaffordable costly medical treatment and my ability to make it back to a normal life were haunting me a great deal. I, being so crestfallen, started to lose my interest in life, noticeably getting ready to surrender to death and my family members were nothing else but really shattered.

But there came a twist in the tail right at the time of extreme dejection for me and my near and dear ones.

Being introduced to Hepatitis Prevention and Treatment Clinic (HPTC), an initiative of Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute and Research Center (PKLI&RC) located in Lahore, was the first ray of hope for my family and myself. Thankfully, one of my acquaintances was able to refer me to the HPTC as he had knowledge and insight into the functions of the PKLI&RC’s initiative.

As the HPTC benefits all patients with modern medical facilities irrespective of their spending power and the ability to pay medical bills, I was blessed to be one of those who could take advantage of the facility. I was welcomed when I reached the clinic and the staff processed my enrolment. PKLI’s medical team, including consultants and nurses, studied my case and began to plan for the treatment, which was expensive as it included regular administration of required medications, numerous blood tests and regular monitoring. The treatment was quite expensive, but I found myself so blessed since it was free of cost for me.

Effective treatment, involving the latest equipment at PKLI’s HPTC, by the competent and compassionate doctors, consultants and support staff resulted in a success as I recovered well from the fatal disease within 6 months. It was all like a dream for me to get the best possible treatment and that too for free. I believe PKLI would undoubtedly keep bringing positive changes in the common people’s lives. I recognize the hospital as committed to fulfilling its mission of providing efficient and free healthcare facilities in a world class environment. I found the hospital to be placing priority on making its wards places of healing and caring.

No doubt, PKLI’s HPTC has brought about a miraculous turnaround in my life by rescuing me and my relatives from the physical and mental ordeal that we were experiencing.


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