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Established in the April of 2004, the PKI is the brainchild of Prof. Saeed Akhter and his fellow physicians and surgeons, all trained in USA and the UK. Driven by a sense of moral and social obligation, this group of highly competent doctors chose to return to their homeland and set up a kidney treatment facility that now provides free medical services to the poverty-stricken populace. This effort was an absolute success.

PKI treated more than 160,000 patients from 2004 to 2019, providing a wide scope of services from outpatient consultations to complex surgeries like Transplant and cancer surgeries. This organization produced about 20 Urologists and Nephrologists and actively participated in relief and rescue activities at time of national disasters like earth quake in 2005 and later floods. PKI published more than 100 research papers in local and international Journals, presented the research papers not only in national conferences but also in international conferences in Australia, UK, USA and Singapore.

This dream later transformed into Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI), a state-of-the-art institute aimed at treating kidney and liver diseases.


In this recent COVID-19 Pandemic, Pakistan Kidney Institute is still actively treating the poor kidney patients at PAF Hospital. In the past 6 months, a total number of 180 patients have been treated including 56 major surgeries which include complex cancer surgeries and 4 renal transplants.

Pakistan Kidney & Liver Institute (PKLI), a state of the art institute was started in record time of 3 years but became the victim of jealously and conspiracy where Prof. Saeed Akhter felt that his vision and mission will be compromised. He thus decided to resign from his brain child and walked away because he does not compromise on principle.

Determined Prof. Saeed Akhter decided to continue his mission of serving his home land, poor and needy people in the society so he restarted with same zeal and commitment at PAF Hospital E-9 Islamabad. PKI is providing state-of-the-art health care to poor and under-privileged kidney patients at par with the rich people within the premises of PAF Hospital. We have four clinics, one procedure room, two operating rooms, lithotripsy suite and more than 15 inpatient beds.