Poor guy came with severe bladder pain, after being refused treatment by
many hospitals.Underwent successful bladder removal.
Patient large bilateral kidney stones,
treated with 4-5 surgeries, now stone free.
Waited for kidney transplant for two years due to non-affordability.
Kidney transplant done by PK.
Daughter of a lady health worker, underwent successful Kidney transplant.
Now living dialysis free healthy life.
Born with a single kidney, presented with acute kidney failure due to obstruction. Under went life saving, emergency relief of obstruction 7 year child with history of multiple open stone surgeries. Now underwent successful kidney stone surgery using latest Endoscopic technique. A patient of B/L kidney stones, came in severe pain , happy after treatment. Long term history of kidney pain, unable to afford. Underwent stone
removal using latest equipment.
Three brothers, all with stones, all the patients of PKI. Saqib is youngest and
underwent successful stone surgery.
Underwent complicated surgery for bladder cancer
(Surgical Removal of bladder and making a new bladder).
Under went multiple stone surgeries at PKI. Now stone free Allhamdullilah. Underwent multiple stone surgeries at PKI. Now stone free Allhamdullilah