Fazaia Surgical Society (FSS) organized an event on Organ Donation & Transplant Surgery at Fazaia Medical College, Air University Islamabad on March 22, 2023. Prof. Saeed Akhter, President PKI & Chairman Department of Urology & Transplant Surgery was chief guest and keynote speaker. Principle & Dean of Fazaia Medical College received Prof. Saeed Akhter & PKI Team. Large number of Medical students attended the session. Prof. Saeed Akhter explained the need of organ donation in Pakistan, level of awareness and ethical issues related to organ donation especially kidney donation and the willingness to donate a kidney or other type of organs in Pakistan. He added that Donation of organs is an imperative component of transplantation. One of the major issues contributing to the scarcity of organs is because of public attributes such as myths, religious misconceptions, and misunderstood decrees. Later on, Prof. Saeed Akhter awarded appreciation certificates to Volunteers of Fazaia Surgical Society who participated in PKI Flood Relief Drive 2022. Prof. Saeed Akhter also visited different sections of Fazaia Medical College and appreciated the facilities offered by FMC to its students.