Pakistan Kidney Institute has been a Pioneer in the field of Training future Urologists. As a part of fulfilling the responsibility PKI has always supported its trainees, not only in research and publication, but also abstract presentations at national and international levels. In pursuit of these goals, PKI has recently sponsored the registrars and team at the Annual Urology conference (UROCON 2022) at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore. The whole team participated, including Prof. Saeed Akhter as a lead and mentor. Following Papers were presented by PKI Team at the conference: Prof. Saeed Akhter: Life threatening, Cytokine release syndrome (CRS) with Anti Thymocyte Globin (ATG) and its management. Dr. Arzu Yousuf: Phenazopyridine test: a simple office based easily performed test to differentiate between vaginal discharge and urinary incontinence Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan: Germ cell tumor- An atypical presentation Dr. Saddiqa Hassan: Comparison of outcome of Tamsuline alone and in combination with solifenacin in controlling lower urinary tract system due to double J stent