Prof. Saeed Akhter chaired a meeting with PKI Team, Business Community & Volunteers at PAF Hospital Islamabad to sought suggestions and inputs to execute PKI flood relief drive in Rajanpur, North Punjab. He constituted Flood Relief Executive Committee for fund raising & to Liaison ongoing activities between the stakeholders & PKI team. Executive Committee Includes, PKI Team members, Business Community Volunteers & Rajanpur Local team.

PKI Team Members: 1- Prof. Saeed Akhter 2- Dr. M.Imran Jamil 3- Dr. Durre Shohab 4- Dr. Arzu Yousaf 5- Dr. M. Shoaib 6- Dr. Sadiqa Hassan 7- Dr. Javeria Hayat Khan 8- Dr. Shabab Hussain 9- Dr. Behzad Khan Khalil 10- Farhad Ali Abbasi 11- Muhammad Adnan Qureshi 12- Tauseef Ahmed Bhatti 13- Tasawar Javid 14- Adil Akbar PKI Volunteers: 1- Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal 2- Dr. Rafique Arain 3- Raja Nasir 4- Air Marshal Muhammad Iqbal PKI Volunteers in Islamabad: 1- Dr. Muhammad Athar Khawaja 2- Dr. Waqas Rahim PKI Volunteers in Rajanpur: 1- Dr. M.Ayub Malik 2- Dr. Assad-Ur-Rehman 3- Dr. Khalil-Ur-Rehman 4- Dr. Jalil-Ur-Rehman 5- Dr. Malik Khalil Ahmed 6- Dr. Khuda Baksh