Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute and Research Center’s team participated in the Infection Control Conference 2018 held at Allama Iqbal Medical College (AIMC)’s main auditorium in Lahore, on July 21, 2018. Volunteer Force Against Hepatitis Transmission (VFAHT) hosted the conference that had talks from senior medical professionals, panel discussions, workshops, live TV show and funfair stalls.

The conference was primarily focused on highlighting the importance of infection control and raising awareness about Hepatitis prevention as well as the methods of controlling infections to lower the burden of diseases in Pakistan.

President and CEO of PKLI&RC Prof. Dr. Saeed Akhter graced the event with his presence and addressed the audience, highlighting the importance of infection control and PKLI&RC’s efforts in this regard. He also shed light on various aspects of PKLI&RC such as the drive behind this monumental hospital project, its spirited leadership, mission, advanced treatment facilities, uniqueness and vision for future progress.

PKLI&RC’s Medical Director Dr. Amer Yar Khan, eloquently talked about PKLI&RC’s role in Hepatitis control through its Hepatitis filter clinics and community awareness program. He told that PKLI&RC has served hundreds of thousands patient visits free of charge at its filter clinics in different districts. Dr. Amer also represented the hospital in the live TV show at the conference.

Dr. Ammara Naveed, Consultant Transplant Hepatologist at PKLI&RC and Co-founder of VFAHT, shared results of the infection control survey 2018 done by VFAHT. She made a presentation regarding VFAHT’s efforts to support PKLI&RC in reducing the burden of Hepatitis in Pakistan.

Dr. Altaf Ahmed, Head of Infection Control and Clinical Microbiology at PKLI&RC, spoke comprehensively about the basic measures such as cleaning hands properly to control infections and pointed out the importance of infection control departments in hospitals. He said, “Prevention is better than cure and it is cheaper than cure as well.”

Medical and nursing professionals and students from different institutions as well as people from various sectors were in attendance at the conference.

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